Services and Costs

Genealogical and family history research is so varied covering a wide range of records, newspapers, local history events, people and places.

Because of this we try and be flexible in the service we offer from full blown family research to simple records search.

Where possible we quote a fixed price for the more straightforward research but always discuss this with the client before undertaking any work.

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1. For simple Look Up for document(s) where we are given the Record Office catalogue reference £15.00 (GBP) plus costs of photocopying, postage etc. As this will vary we shall notify client in advance.

2. For more complicated research, as in undertaking a family history from scratch, our standard rate is £15.00(GBP) per hour. However, we have a fixed initial charge of  £45.00(GBP) to cover an initial research period of three hours. This will provide sufficient time for us to look at the project and provide some idea of what is available and the possibilities of further work.  At the end of the three hours we shall prepare a Report for the client listing what we have found and provide all references searched.  Where we need to obtain certificates such as Birth, Marriage and Death the costs will be added to the basic Fee and all such documents will be included with the report. At this stage we shall discuss progress with the client and, if required, undertake further work as authorised. We do not undertake any work or time expended without the clients express agreement.

3. Where we are asked by a prospective client to assist with their own research then we shall discuss with them what it is they need. Generally, our costs will be based on the above hourly rate of £15.00(GBP) plus costs (where applicable).  We will also assist other colleagues and professional genealogists/family historians  in which case charges will be discussed beforehand.

We accept payment by cheque (Pay to “M.R.Dow”) or by PayPal where we invoice the client.  Clients paying  through PayPal do not need to have an account with them simply paying by Credit/Debit card. For further information please contact us.